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Windows Phone / Windows Tile Generator

From this page you can generate tiles by simply uploading a single SVG icon.

Upload a SVG

Expression Design can be used to freely create SVGs.

Download Expression Design

You may also want to download the icon template.

Download the Template

Windows Phone 8

Application Icon

Flip and Cycle Tiles

Iconic Tiles

Marketplace Tile

Background (used during Promotions)

Splash Images

Windows Phone 7.8

Application Icon

  • ApplicationIcon.png (62 x 62)

Application Tile Image

  • ApplicationTileImage.png (173 x 173)

Splash Images

If your application takes more than 2 seconds to load you should include the 3 splash screens provided in the download.

Windows 8

Created by Austin Andrews of  Need consulting on design or icon work send me a message.
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